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About us

The story behind SchwesterSchwester

There once were two sisters who shared one passion: earrings. Why did such small pieces of jewellery bring them such joy? Because earrings are like a sister or a best friend: always there for you. They simply make life more beautiful, colourful and brilliant! And because the sisters could not find anyone with more passion for earrings than them, they founded their own label: SchwesterSchwester (which is German for SisterSister)… 

The people behind SchwesterSchwester


Janne & Jytte

One sister just loves  muted pastel shades, the other sister adores bright and opulent colours. But there is one thing both sisters always agree on: Earrings are small but precious – and they’re waiting for their soulmate. Therefore, they search for the most beautiful pieces all over the world - always earrings, but in so many beautiful shapes, coloures and variations.


Julian brings all the loose ends together: While the girls are still admiring the latest earrings in the mirror, he is busy signing new designers, placing the items online and receiving the first orders.

Our passion

Earrings not only elevate every look – they embody an attitude to life: cheerful, enchanting and highly individual. Their true charm, however, comes from being handmade with love. Earrings off the peg simply don’t compare with gems like these! That’s why SchwesterSchwester seeks out designers from around the world who create real, handmade collectors’ pieces. These treasures are then given a place in the SchwesterSchwester online shop, where they wait for their future owner to fall in love with them.

Our service promise

We want to share our passion with all our soul sisters who love earrings as much as we do. That’s why we promise that every item of jewellery offered by SchwesterSchwester is handcrafted in one-off or small batch production. Every order is carefully packed and shipped in tissue paper. Exactly how we would want to receive our new favourite piece of jewellery. We welcome every call, email, query or suggestion – after all, sisters are always there for each other.